About Us

Our diverse construction portfolio and specialized divisions ensure that each project is matched with appropriate resources and expertise. Through technical skill, pre-construction expertise, and self-performance capability, we anticipate potential project challenges, we strive develop solutions that meet clients’ objectives, and we work diligently to deliver projects that exceed expectations.

There are key deep-seated elements that are at the core of our company – values and principles, talent and hard work – that account for the reason we has the skilled personnel, clientele, and reputation it does today. In fact, Avail Valley Construction’s reputation has become one of our most important assets. That reputation was — and continues to be — founded on the integrity of our employees. Because conducting business with a strong sense of ethics and fairness is paramount to our continued success, every employee of Avail Valley Construction pledges their compliance with the company's policies and standards as a condition of employment. In addition to conducting business in strict compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, we hold our work up to the highest moral, ethical and professional standards, because doing so will ensure our longevity.